Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reva 2011–Website

Everyday We the complete team think how to make Reva ‘11 the biggest juncture for the Under privileged Kids and Every day we get a new idea. This time we thought to make a Nice Reva ‘11 Website and we are up with that:

Website :
Don’t miss to see both FLASH & HTML Version of the site :

You will be glad to see the Animation conveying the message of Reva & The Official Video of the Event.Watch them at :

And you can join us at Facebook Profile of Reva : which has now 500+ Friends.

Isn’t Reva ‘11 going bigger & better? Any suggestions, comments and queries are welcome.

With Regards;
Reva 2011 Team

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome to Reva - 2011

Welcome to Reva '11!
Have you thought ever what courage it takes to come , stand n think like kids! What are the changes that you can make in the society by just dreaming like small buddies? Think about this.

Reva '11 - AID Patna - Second Techno - Cultural Festival will be bigger and better. Welcome to the official blog of Reva . Hope you will like this journey